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  • December 18th International Day of migrant

    December 18th International Day of migrant Africa Europe adviser takes this opportunity to remind the danger that daily risks young African mens and womens, young or old, whole family who flee their countries in war or them  poorly governed African countries. It should be noted that every hour a migrant dies while trying to reach Europe or North America by sea via dugout canoes or by using all possibility means while thinking to succeed their dreams in  other countries.
     A scourge that must be eradicated.

     The African association Europe Adviser through its President Mamadou Gueye Mbodji do a remarkable job in this direction to help migrants by training them in all areas to prepare for their return to their own countries of origin. And also discourage them from trying   migration and stay to their own country. 
    The association Afrique Europe Adviser .

    With their meager means that benefits the association means coming from these members.
     Team Afeuadviser.

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