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  • Reasons for leaving country of origin

    In 2017, the Pew Research Center ran a survey in six African countries – South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Senegal and Tanzania – which have provided the highest number of the migrants living in the US and Europe. People living in these countries were asked whether they would move to another country and at least four out of 10 in each country answered that they would definitely move if they had the “means and opportunity”. The biggest reason given was the high unemployment rates and low wage rates in many of their countries. Other reasons were political instability and conflict, which is how large numbers end up as refugees in other countries. The report said that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that the number of sub-Saharans displaced within their own country nearly doubled to 9 million between 2010 and 2016. An analysis of the migration patterns from Africa to Europe and the States indicates that the number of migrants is expected to increase in the coming decades, with a major reason being the continent’s growing population. However, the response of nations receiving these migrants is yet to be seen.

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