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  • How Europe can stop African migration

    Europe pledged to spend €6 billion in Turkey to keep refugees on the other side of the border. Some have suggested spending a similar amount in Africa. POLITICO asked Europe’s leading migration experts and policymakers: If the EU had €6 billion to spend on managing migration from Africa, how and where should the bloc spend it? Bring the jobs to Africa Paul Collier is professor of economics and public policy at the Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University. Europe should indeed spend €6 billion bringing jobs to Africa — it is far more humane that luring young people to the hazards of marginal lives in Europe. The best way to spend the money is through Europe’s development finance institutions, such as the European Investment Bank, which can use it to encourage European firms to pioneer the development of job-intensive sectors such as light manufacturing and construction. Africa is desperately short of proper firms that are able to harness the economies of scale and specialization that transform the productivity of ordinary workers. At the moment, most Africans work alone, or in tiny enterprises that doom them to low productivity. Young Africans are drowning in attempts to reach our firms. We could so easily encourage our companies to bring the jobs to them instead.

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